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Back Issues

From 1992-present, 13 issues of Change Zine have been printed. Some are still around and others are hidden gems never to be found again.

Issue #0- [sold out] 250 printed
3/4 size with VMJ of New Haven, Divine (rapper from Hartford) and lots on the CT music scene.

Issue #1- [sold out] 500 printed
Jawbox, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy are the interviews. There's lots of reviews, opinions articles, etc.

Issue #2- [sold out] 68 pages.
The Violence Issue. A look at violence in punk and hardcore. Interviews with Worlds Collide, Bob Evans, Rain Like The Sound of Trains, Mule, Ricochet, 7 Year Bitch, Janitor Joe and Mind's Eye. Lotsa quotes and excerpts and opinions on violence form other sources. Created mainly during Spring 1993. 1,000 fanzines printed and 500 7"'s done, too. The 7" features 3 bands: Bob Evans, Ricochet and SmckHead on blue vinyl.

Issue #3- [sold out] 300 printed
The "Horizontal Issue" as the zine reads sideways. Interviews with Rancid during first East Coast tour, The Cows in their typical messed-up state, SNFU (yes, after they were good), Black Train Jack. Lotsa reviews and extras.

Issue #4- [sold out] 96 pages.
This must have been 1994. Undertow, Las Mordidas, Rodan, Tar, Justine DeMetrick the photographer, and the Voodoo Glow Skulls. This issue had a lot of other non-interview stuff in it to keep things interesting. Justine is a great interview, and some of these bands are very underrated who should've been bigger. 1,000 printed.

Issue #5- $2ppd. [still available] 118 pages.
Constructed summer '94. This is the Basketball Special, though if you're not a hoops fan, don't worry. Sick Of It All, Bad Religion, Shift, Norm Arenas of Anti-Matter fanzine, plus small chats with New York Knicks and other pro players. Lots of odd things, from predictions to flyer galleries to police artwork, etc. Real thick. There were 1,000 with a blue cover and 1,000 with an orange cover to celebrate the Knicks!! This issue was really loaded to the gills so I hope you have long train rides or trips to the beach to check it all out. 1,000 printed.

Issue #6- $2ppd. [still available] 68 pages.
Spring 1995 for the most part. Deadguy, Snapcase, Farside, Today is the Day, Cornerstone, Doc Hopper, Lifetime, Craw, Helmet, Fugazi and Suburban Voice fanzine. No ads, so no wasted space. In hindsight, a lot of these bands were making some great music at the time. It was a time period when I had quit my job and was into the rock. I did all the layout and interviews myself so it's a good measuring stick. Personal highlights: Snapcase trying to play basketball, Ari from Lifetime not giving a shit, Joe Lally of Fugazi, and listening to Kevin Murphy of Farside spill his guts when he should have kept his mouth shut. 2,000 printed.

Issue #7- $2ppd. [still available] 96 pages.
This a monster of an issue. So many interviews it's insance. Casey (ex-Ignite) did interviews back in 1983 that are used here for the first time including Minor Threat, Agnostic Front, Marginal Man and Justice League! Newer bands include Texas is the Reason, Ignite, Chokehold, & Threadbare. Then there's Hardware fanzine, Commodity fanzine, Doghouse Records, Chicago Bulls players and Simpsons producers. Packed to the friggin gills.

Issue #8- [sold out]
Kiss It Goodbye, The Pist, Voorhees, 7 Years War. Tim from Kiss It G'Bye was a great interview. Came with limited edition 7" featuring Today Is The Day and the Automatic Few. The TIDT song is a different demo version of "Kill Yourself." Print run of 1,000. All 7"'s are hand-stamped with skulls on inside jacket. I spent many hours alone in Norwalk, CT in 1996 or so putting this thing together. Painstaking.

Issue #9- $2ppd [still available] 92 pages.
This issue kicks ass. Great, fun interviews with great bands. Ian of Fugazi opens up a little bit, the Floorpunch guys, Cable of CT, Jawbreaker gets attacked on their downfall, mighty Shaolin Isle force C.R., Slam basketball editor, and the famous interview with Tim of Avail that got lotsa hype and attention. Good amount of hoops action. First issue with layout by Josh Hooten, so it's nice on your eyes. Definitely one to have.

Issue #10- [sold out]

Issue #11- $5ppd [still available] 112 pages and a full-length CD.
This is the one and only "Don't Change" Simpsons issue. The one that almost break the back of Change Zine. If you like the Simpsons, punk, basketball or hardcore, this is the issue to have. With a Simpsons theme throughout, there are long interviews with the following bands: Kill Your Idols, Fastbreak, Sweet Diesel, and Los Crudos (Jose and Ebro were interviewed, not Martin, so you get stuff here you normally never get). Basketball interviews with Jayson Williams, Bobby Hurley, & Hot Rod Williams. Then there's Matt Groening, Homer Simpson, and so much other stuff you'll never keep up.
Then we've got the CD. 47 tracks, 30+ songs of Simpsons done punk hardcore style. Full color packaging in jewel case including booklet. "This is Springfield, Not Shelbyville!" Milhouse does a version of "Firestorm", Life's Halt plays "Springfield!", They Live, Arson Family, Hallraker, Dulac Swade, Quadiliacha, and tons more. Old hardcore songs by Youth of Today, Government Issue, and more all re-done to be about the Simpsons. Also lots of samples. Classic!

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