Change Zine
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Ordering and Contact Info

To get issues of Change Zine use the address listed below. There is no special distro rate because all zines are super cheap because Change Zine is all about saving the masses.

Issue #11- the secret "Don't Change" Simpsons issue + CD. $5ppd
Issue #10- sold out
Issue #9- $2ppd.
Issue #8- sold out
Issue #7- $2ppd.
Issue #6- $2ppd.
Issue #5- $2ppd.
Issue #4- $2ppd.
all other issues sold out

In order to get an issue of Change Zine, please send cash, an MO or check (made out to Patrick West) to:

Change Zine
PO Box 1010
Village Station
NYC, NY 10014

I have a new phone number:

Mark McCoy of Charles Bronson fame loves Change Zine so much he gives it a thumbs up! Thanx, Mark, you jackass!

Foreign Orders

Please add $2 for surface mail and $5 for air mail for your order. Unless you are from Canada or Mexico- then you only need to add another $1.